About me

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I am an experienced entrepreneur with substantial tax law background having served in several  federal government management positions with increasing responsibilities over a 30 year Treasury Department-Internal Revenue Service career which included a 5-year assignment to Saudi Arabia with the Foreign Service. This experience has provided a unique perspective and insight into business dealings.

Over the decade my focus has been upon developing multiple sources of residual income by creating a variety of home-based businesses. We have a great one we recently launched with the Empower and Ipas2 combination as affiliates.  Combined, these companies have a great commission structure – the highest in the industry. If you are looking for a great business with an almost “franchise-like” structure, check out a short presentation:  

  Team Legacy


During my career(s) I have developed several specialties: strong organizational and time management skills which allow for a variety of ongoing activities ranging from investment & financial advice, tax consultation & defaulted paper activities, oversight of several small business operations and the recently launched affiliate marketing concerns.

All of these activities have allowed for the development of personal specialty skills in facilitating, negotiating, business design and development, business oversight, and consultation and I would love to share them with you!

So either join me at Empower:  

Team Legacy

or   if this is not your cup of tea, bookmark the site and stop back at the site often to see a variety of Home Office Tips.

To your Success!!